CV19 Student Care Hub

Last updated September 25, 2020

Welcome to the CV19 Student Care Hub

COVID-19 has disrupted our campus community in many ways. In response, UNC-Chapel Hill has established a student care hub to support you, our students, as you navigate the impact of these extraordinary circumstances.  Here, you will find a place to learn more about financial resources, academic support, and health and wellness information, as well as a place to connect with those across the university that can help when needed.

The CV19 Student Care Hub was created for ALL students – undergraduate, graduate, professional or part-time – whether you are living in North Carolina or abroad.  The same strengths that brought you to Carolina — your brilliance, your work ethic, your willingness to see the best in others — will help you respond to the current moment with courage, resilience and creativity. These qualities will enable you to continue your academic success and work toward the life you want to lead.

We encourage you to use the link at the bottom of the page to submit content suggestions so we can continuously improve this space to serve and support your needs.  The University is also posting important information and links to resources on UNC-Chapel Hill’s coronavirus website.

The Latest

  • Student Exit Testing

    As this semester winds to a close, we ask those of you who are preparing to leave residence halls, apartments, and homes in town to please make an exit plan.

  • Student Wellness Days

    In October, the Chancellor and Provost announced a revised calendar for the spring semester. As part of that announcement, the University moved from a traditional Spring Break to providing five wellness days spread across the semester.

  • Spring 2021 Housing Update

    Move-in will occur between January 13 and January 17, 2021 by appointment only and only after the re-entry testing requirement has been met. As with our Fall 2020 Move-In process, you must plan to adhere to the University’s Community Standards during Spring 2021 Move-In. We will share additional information including required safety measures and details about scheduling a move-in appointment in the coming weeks. For the latest information, including rates, cancellation policy, available residence facilities, community standards and re-entry and evaluation testing, visit the Carolina Housing site.